Retirement Planning Services - How to Retire in Style

At Trippon Wealth Management Group, we believe that proper planning today will ensure a comfortable retirement tomorrow. By working through our proprietary process called Strategic Client Consulting, we successfully facilitate your ability to reach your targeted retirement goals and objectives.

Current Situation

Before we make investment recommendations, we must first define your current reality. By taking a complete inventory of your assets, liabilities, income and expenses, we are able to create a current snapshot of your financial household.

Retirement Goal Planning

Now that we understand your starting point, we must accurately define the end point. By asking you a series of targeted questions, we will determine what your retirement vision looks like. Your desired age to retire, your lifestyle goals and your vision of retirement activities will be carefully considered when calculating your total capital needs.

Gap Analysis

The delta between your current situation and your retirement goals is referred to as the ‘Gap’. Not only will we calculate what your current gap is, but we will provide a series of options which can effectively close this gap for you.

Portfolio Analysis

The Trippon Wealth Management team will review your current investment holdings and determine their effectiveness and sustainability. We will also complete a thorough analysis and evaluation of stock options you currently hold, and any employer retirement plans and defined benefit plans available to you. Upon careful analysis, we will provide targeted portfolio recommendations which will enable you to create the required wealth to retire comfortably, and retirement income strategies focused on ensuring that you don’t outlive your assets.

Employee Benefit Review and Retirement Elections

As you approach retirement, our team will provide assistance to properly complete any and all retirement forms. We will coordinate with your employer and help you not only with any defined benefit and contributions, but also with other benefits such as life insurance, health care, or long term care benefits designed to carry you through retirement.

At Trippon Wealth Management Group, we partner with you not only during the initial phase of our relationship, but as new life developments occur, we ensure that your retirement vision not only materializes, but maintains throughout your lifetime.

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