We believe there are five key concepts to investment success.

No matter which direction the markets are heading, all successful investors employ these fundamental investment philosophies. While the ultimate goal for any investor is to maximize return while minimizing risk, it is important to note that no investment strategy can completely eliminate risk.

It is also important to note that in order for these philosophies to work effectively, you must truly become a partner with us, and provide us with ongoing updates regarding your portfolio information, risk tolerance and changes within your personal lives.

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Most investors comprehend the basic premise behind diversification; “Don’t place all of your investment capital into the same basket.” Unfortunately, most investors interpret this basic premise to mean they have achieved diversification if they’ve placed their capital into a variety of different securities.

Truly diversified investment portfolios have their assets allocated across multiple asset classes. Asset allocation refers to an investment philosophy which allows individual investors to maximize their investment return for any given level of portfolio risk they are willing to accept, also referred to as the “efficient frontier”.

Your ideal portfolio allocation is built based on a variety of factors, including investment risk tolerance, investable assets, investment time frame and investment goals. Once an initial asset allocation has been developed, we partner with you to allocate investment assets. We then monitor your progress on an annual basis, making necessary adjustments as needed as percentage weightings fluctuate due to changes in the market.

Lower Volatility

We partner with you to design your portfolio to have as little volatility as necessary to achieve your financial goals and objectives. Portfolios with lower volatility result in reduced emotional stress for you, and a higher probability to create the wealth you desire.

Global Diversification

U.S. investors tend to favor domestic securities when building their investment portfolios. But this connection to companies within our borders prevents many investors from leveraging the financial opportunities present within foreign securities.

As global economies continue to strengthen, so has the total investable capital market. If you look to overseas investments for part of your investable assets, your opportunity for greater generation and growth of personal wealth will increase.

Another benefit to global diversification within your portfolio is that it reduces the associated investment risk, as U.S. equity markets and international markets do not move in parallel.

Varied Investment Approaches for Changing Markets

Academic research within the investment field has shown periods of stock market price movements, with upward movements referred to as ‘bull markets’ and downward movements referred to as ‘bear markets’. Regardless of the direction of market movements, you still have personal financial goals and objectives which you want to achieve.

We partner with you to adapt different investment approaches as the market environments shift, allowing you to take advantage of the different forces at work during increasing and declining markets. A tactical asset allocation is the key to navigating changing markets, as certain asset classes increase while others decline. We keep your portfolio focused on the areas of the market offering the best prospects for growth, ensuring your investment plan remains on track.

Efficient Investment Portfolios

We employ an investment philosophy which has been used by successful money managers since 1972 called Modern Portfolio Theory.

Portfolios built on Modern Portfolio Theory have a maximum level of return an investor can expect to receive for any given level of investment risk, based upon a given combination of investments (Efficient Frontier). An investor’s efficient frontier is determined by calculating the portfolio’s expected rate of return, standard deviation and correlation efficient for each asset class. This information is then used to identify an ideal portfolio for the individual investor.

When you come to us initially, your portfolio often falls significantly below your ideal efficient frontier. Our role is to ensure that… based on your given level of risk tolerance… your portfolio is allocated to maximize the probability of achieving your financial goals.

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