Investment Management Services - Strategies to Provide the Lifestyle You Deserve

Trippon Wealth Management Group acts as your trusted advisor on all aspects of your financial life, including investment management. We are committed to developing a long-term client relationship with you, built upon a solid foundation of integrity, trust and service. We focus on providing the foundation you need to live a life which reflects your core values, through the development and implementation of investment management strategies.

Trippon Wealth Management Group works with accredited investors, including individuals, corporations, family offices and non-profit organizations. An accredited investor can generally be defined as someone with a minimum investable asset base of $1 million and an income exceeding $200,000 annually. We work with individual families, corporations, trusts, family offices, and pension plans.

Our investment management services are built upon Trippon Wealth Management Group’s five core philosophies, which include:

  • Diversification –
    Properly diversified portfolios allocate assets across multiple asset classes as outlined by your desired asset allocation. As an investment philosophy, asset allocation allows you to achieve the maximum level of return given your chosen level of accepted investment risk.
  • Lower Volatility –
    Portfolios built to experience lower volatility often leads to increased wealth creation. We focus on designing portfolios with as little volatility required to achieve your stated financial goals and objectives.
  • Global Diversification –
    Global investment markets continue to strengthen over the longer term. Including global assets within an investment portfolio works to effectively reduce the investment risk associated with U.S. equity markets, as the two do not move in parallel.
  • Varied Investment Approaches for Changing Markets –
  • Family Office Advisory –
    We partner with you to develop portfolios designed to adapt as market environment shift, allowing them to capture positive market movements and to hedge against market declines.
  • Efficient Investment Portfolios –
    An investor’s “efficient frontier” refers to a portfolio which captures the maximum level of return for any given level of accepted investment risk. We calculate your efficient frontier by analyzing your expected portfolio return, correlation efficient of each asset class and standard deviation.

Please refer to our Form ADV for a more detailed explanation of our investment management fees.

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