Family Office Services - Specialized Plans for Elite Families

The Trippon Wealth Management Group partners with high net worth families who are seeking on-demand, accurate information coupled with unbiased financial advice to help achieve their financial goals and objectives. Although we work with all types of clients, typically Family Office Services are best suited for those who have investment portfolios in excess of $5 million.

Family office services offered by the Trippon Wealth Management Group are ideal for:

  • Families seeking an advisor who will offer creative financial solutions designed to facilitate their ability to reach their goals and objectives.
  • Families seeing timely, well organized financial analyses organized to facilitate the ease if making sound financial decisions.
  • Families seeking objective financial advice, customized for their given financial situation.
  • Families seeking a communications advisor to coordinate communication between all of their financial advisors, ensuring that all parties are working toward the common family goal.

Our team of financial professionals has the experience, training, expertise, administrative skills and objectivity to assist you in managing your personal wealth. The financial reports our team prepares for you will be simple and easy to understand, organized around your financial goals and objectives and will allow you to improve your overall household and/or professional productivity.

The Trippon Wealth Management team will actively listen to your personal goals and objectives, will partner with you to create a strategic financial plan, will provide recommendations and will assist you where desired with the implementation process. In addition, we will provide ongoing progress tracking, allowing you to measure your results and to make adjustments where needed to ensure you are on track to reach your objectives.

Give us a call at 713-661-1040 and let’s start a conversation on how we can put our experience to work for you, TODAY!