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Wondering why you need an investment advisory team rather than simply an investment advisor?

Wondering why you need an investment advisory team rather than simply an investment advisor? Developing an investment advisory team is one of the tricks the wealthy utilizes to become and to stay wealthy. Your team should include a comprehensive financial advisor, CPA, attorney and insurance professional. Often, one person can fulfill multiple roles. The team of professionals you select should work well together and should collaborate annually on your behalf.

Here is a list of professionals that you should have on your team looking out for your financial best interest:

Comprehensive Financial Advisor

This team member is the managing director and quarterback of your financial team. So, this individual should practice comprehensive planning, not just selling investments. Comprehensive planning includes choosing investments, cash flow planning, budgeting, tax planning, portfolio maintenance and risk assessment.

CPA – Certified Public Accountant

Taxes are the single largest expense an individual will pay during the course of their lifetime. And, they are also often a significant expense upon death. So, tax planning is an important element to a properly implemented financial plan. A CPA can help individuals reduce their tax liabilities.


A will can ensure the orderly distribution of an individual’s assets upon their death. A will ensure that personal effects, investments and property will be distributed according to the owner’s wishes. In addition to a simple will, an estate plan should be structured so that assets transfer to beneficiaries in such a fashion that the tax liabilities are minimized. A proper estate plan will involve inventorying assets, creating a will, establishing trusts and focusing on tax minimization. Choose an attorney with estate planning experience and someone whom you can understand and trust with your personal wishes.

Insurance Professional

Numerous things will change within our lives over time, including our health, wealth, relationships, career and interests. In order to properly protect ourselves and our loved ones against the things we cannot afford to lose, insurance planning is critical. A professional insurance agent will work with you to monitor changes in order to protect your assets and ultimately, your financial wishes. Choose someone who can effectively anticipate your needs and who will work with you throughout your retirement. And, be sure to address long term care insurance, disability and life insurance needs with your insurance professional.

It is important to interview multiple professionals for each category. Not only does each individual need to achieve their goals and objectives within their individual niches, but they need to work well together in a team environment. Focus on hiring a team that will work well together.

Financial retirement planning is one of the most important processes that we go through. Jim Trippon of Trippon Wealth Management has over 30 years experience in working with America’s wealthiest families in retirement planning. Jim is able to share the secrets of making money and KEEPING it with his retirement planning clients. Honest, practical and sound retirement planning advice is what makes Jim, The Advisor To America’s Millionaires.

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