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Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, Financial Advisor & Family Office Solutions in Houston, Texas If you’re looking for the ideal Financial Advisor who lives right here in Houston, Texas…
one who’s “independent fee only”, meaning he doesn’t make recommendations just to pile up commissions…
… one who’s known internationally for his successful investment practices…
… & one who’s famous for creating & maintaining fortunes for his highly successful clients, then…

You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to, home of nationally acclaimed investment and financial advisor Jim Trippon and his firm Trippon Wealth Management Group, LLC.

You might have spotted Jim recently on Fox Business News, CNBC, or CNN. Or maybe you’ve read about Jim’s highly successful strategies in Investor’s Business Daily or Barrons. Or perhaps you just need a personal high-caliber independent financial advisor.

Need some fresh ideas on your investment plan? Want an independent fee only financial advisor who does not make recommendations motivated by commissions?

Our Services

Investment Management

Trippon Wealth Management Group acts as your trusted advisor on all aspects of your financial life, including investment management.

Financial Planning

At Trippon Wealth Management, we partner with you to develop and implement comprehensive financial plans, enabling you to make smart investment..

Retirement Planning

At Trippon Wealth Management Group, we believe that proper planning today will ensure a comfortable retirement tomorrow.

Family Office

The Trippon Wealth Management Group partners with high net worth families who are seeking on-demand, accurate information..

What We Do - The 5 Keys to Investment Success

Trippon Wealth Management Group is an investment advisory firm that helps a select group of clients make smart decisions about their money. James Trippon, the principal of the firm, has worked with over 1,000 highly successful businessmen and women in his career. He understands the unique needs of accredited investors, and has developed a specialized practice working with these well-heeled clients.

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